The different types of websites that are available
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Types of Website

When it comes to taking your business online, you need to consider what type of website will best suit the needs of your company, as each will offer a varying level of functionality, user control and extendibility, as well as having significantly different development costs.

Static websites are designed to your specification and are perfect to advertise your services online. However, any changes required after completion will need to be made by a web developer.

Blogging Websites are built on a platform (we use WordPress) that allow you to publish 'posts' that are published in chronological order and browsed either by date or category.

Content Managed Sites (we use Joomla) also allow you to publish pages, but you also have a greater control over the navigation system and the relationship between pages.

E-commerce Sites (we use Magento) combine the functionality of a CMS site above, with the ability to take payments online.

Mobile Websites are designed to display and perform well on hand held devices.