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Theme Builder Notes

You have the following options:

Add your own logo or banner by selecting 'choose file' in the related section, this will bring up a browsing dialogue box, select a file from your local computer and press submit.

[Note: only files of type JPG, GIF and PNG that are smaller than 100K will be accepted]

Logo - The dimensions of the actual image will be used (recommend max width 275px)

Banner - Any image you choose will be scaled to exactly 900 by 300 pixels (best results crop your image to this size first).

Position the menu either in line with the logo, below the logo, or between the banner and the main textual content of your website.

Select whether you would like the menu to use plain text, blocks or be contained within a ribbon stretching across the screen. You also have the options to align it left or right, and decide if you want to show contact telephone and email,/b. details.

If you think that your website is likely to have multiple pages, then you can choose a drop down menu system, so that users can quickly navigate between pages (our example shows this if you hover over services).

The colours and effects section allows you to colour and style the background of the site and also the main internal elements within the page. The colours offered are only a suggestion; if you happen to know the exact colour of background effect you prefer we can easily accommodate this for you.

You also have the option of a static banner image (default) or choosing a more dynamic rolling banner, either way you are responsible for supplying the images. (We highly recommend browsing for low cost high quality stock images).

Finally, you have the option to customise which elements are shown in the right hand section of the webpage. Options include, a secondary menu, a twitter feed, a facebook widget or simply removing the column altogether.

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