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Off Page Optimisation

This is by far the most difficult strand of search engine optimisation. Off page optimisation looks at the quantity and quality of links that point to your site.

The aim in this process is to gain as many links as possible, from as many reputable websites as possible. Techniques for achieving this include:

Write original content

By far the best technique for generating links back to your site is to write compelling, original content on your website or blog. If people find it interesting, not only will they return to your site, but they may link to it from their own site or blog. A popular phrase you will hear in the SEO world is "Content Is King".

Article Marketing

If your site is yet to have a great deal of exposure, then one approach might be to write articles to be published on other sites. You might offer to write for another more established blog, or more commonly submit your article to an article directory that allows others to publish the article. Each time you would include a link back to your website.

This also ensures that the link is a "quality" one in that the link will be coming from a page which also focuses on your niche market.

Approach Related Sites

Another common technique is to send emails to other websites that may share common goals, offering a reciprocal link if they link to your site. Take care to tailor the email to the site specifically, otherwise the website owner mistakes it for spam and ignore the request.

An example of this is our page on Layout and Imagery, where we link to photographers in the region.

Directory Listings

Finally, take advantage of as many free web directories that focus on your niche market. You will simply need to provide a few key details and they will list your company profile together with a link back to your site.

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