Learning Content
Learning Content

Learning Content

This page provides examples of the types of learning content we have produced for a variety of university clients. The different types consist of learning objects produced using various pieces of software, intended to demonstrate some of the ways we can work with clients to produce high quality electronic learning materials.

Bespoke Templates

Sure Media can provide a range of high quality materials to suit your needs. These can be branded to your University or course requirements and we consult with you to discuss the best format for the delivery of learning materials. Unlike other e-learning providers, we offer the ability to create learning content that is specifically designed to your specifications whilst ensuring highest quality content produced.

Interactive Online Materials

Sure Media are experts in using the leading e-learning authoring tools. One piece of software has fabulous interactive exercises and scenarios built-in to the functionality and so enables quick and easy development of non-linear courses. It has advanced features such as layers, triggers, states and actions that allow sophisticated content to be created resulting in production of highly engaging e-learning courses.

Another piece of software generates linear online content based on a standard Word document. The software also allows inclusion of audio and video materials plus various types of interactive assessment. It means we can create interesting and engaging learning materials based on your existing learning materials.

Audio and Video Learning Materials

Sure Media have considerable experience in creating both audio and video materials. Such materials can be easily recorded, and with our expertise we can create high quality learning materials that offer a more sophisticated approach to online content than just providing PowerPoint slides and/or Word documents. Their use may also provide an alternative approach to both presentations and the nature of face to face teaching.