Layout and Imagery

Web Layout Design

When designing a page it is crucial to have a well-proportioned layout together with captivating imagery as it is vital to grab the attention in the first few seconds, or the user will keep on browsing at look at other web sites.

A well laid out page should have a good balance of text and images as well as the right amount of empty space. Clever use of spacing can focus the user's attention, exactly where you need it to be upon entering the page. If the reader is unclear where to begin, they will simply move on! This is why it is crucial to write clear concise content for each page.

Another important factor when trying to grab the browsers’ interest is to use striking photography. An interesting or beautiful image will compel the visitor to read on. The widespread availability of digital cameras has enabled everyone to enter the world of amateur photography; whilst this is definitely a good thing, it's not necessarily a 'great' thing for your new website.

We would always recommend obtaining professional imagery to empower your website. This will ensure the best use of lighting and vibrant colours, as this makes for an altogether more appealing image to entice your visitors to stay and browse your web site. Sourcing photographs need not be crazily expensive either, you can purchase professionally taken images from stock image sites such as for a small fee. Alternatively, if your budget can stretch a little further, you might consider employing the service of a local photographer, to both advise you and get exactly the images you had in mind.

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