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Google Analytics is a free web-based package that monitors the traffic that a website receives and generates detailed statistics for the website owner to analyse. This package has quickly become the most popular comprehensive package available today.

Upon entering the Analytics 'Dash board' you are quickly presented with information about the visitors to your site: showing the number of visitors, countries they are accessing from, hardware and software capabilities, length of visit, pages viewed, to name but a selection.

There is an intelligence feature that alerts you of abnormal activity by either email or text message. You can also set certain goals (for example 10 registrations) and when they are met. Quite simply there is very little that you can think of that this package can't do when it comes to web statistics.

This software is a must for any serious website owner who is interested in the marketing and success of their site. It easily allows you to see which websites provide the most referral and / or the best quality visitors (i.e. those that lead to sales or stay longest on your site).

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