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Development Process

Website Design and Development

Prior to any design or development, we will meet with the lead representative from your team to review the project brief in detail and ascertain all possible elements of the site and devise an optimal site structure in which to aim towards. This needs to be done at the earliest possible opportunity so as to correctly inform the design process.

We appreciate that the look and style of the site is extremely important in any given field. That being the case, we work closely with the project lead to determine a solid brief and refer back as appropriate.

Initially we provide up to five initial concepts for the home page of the site, that once signed off would form the basis of all other pages and templates used for the site. Each design will incorporate a clear and intuitive navigation system that will allow the user easy access to the documents and features within the site. We believe the user experience is of utmost importance; therefore we take time to ensure the journey through the site is smooth and seamless.

Once the theme for the website has been signed off, we will develop a series of templates that will extend upon the main theme whilst allowing the additional functionality required by each individual section. Again, this will be a continual review process, including the project lead from your team as necessary.

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CMS and E-Commerce Website Training

For more complex websites such as Content Management Systems (CMS) and E-Commerce sites we also provide free training.

Once the website has been developed and the project lead is happy that the site delivers everything that was laid out in the proposal, we will then produce a comprehensive set of help guides covering all the tasks required to maintain the site.

We also then provide a half day training session for the various members of the team that will be using the content management system. Further to this we will endeavour to provide support on any issues relating to the system, either via telephone or email, for the period of one year after the website has been delivered.

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