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Animated Menus

The menu above uses the power of CSS3 to animate the button when the user 'rolls over' the area. These simple touches bring the page to life a little bit and also highlight to the site visitor that the area has functionality attached to it.

CSS Animations can be applied to any element within a webpage, enabling you to make it twist, spin, fade, bounce or ping in any direction you wish! The key is to apply it in a subtle manner to add a little finese, which i think this example does well.

The example above has been adopted from a set of menus created by the developer Mary Lou @ Codrops, be sure to check out her tutorial on how to implement these animated menus on your website, and for some further inspiration the set of 10 different animated menus.

If you see something that you like and would like working into your own website, please get in touch and we will do our very best to help.


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