Content Management Systems

Content Managment System

A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to manage the pages of information on a website, together with the hierarchy in which they sit. These can be custom-built to your requirements or you can choose to use one of the major CMS engines available today.

As the administrator of the CMS, you are provided with a number of templates to choose from. A template is a pre-determined layout, which allows you to populate a page with content and images in set locations. Once a page is created you are then able to create a series of menus that easily allow a user to then navigate between pages. Once built, you can then choose a theme to determine the aesthetics of the website.

Here at Sure Media, we firmly believe there is no point in re-inventing the wheel, which is why we prefer to develop beautiful themes to integrate into existing CMS engines (such as for Joomla websites). This allows us to spend more time being creative, rather than coding functions that are readily available and that have been tested thousands of times over. We develop comprehensive, yet stylish sets of templates that allow your website to expand as you populate it with content.

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