Content Management Packages

Content Managment Packages

Having the power of a content management system behind your website is undoubtedly a powerful tool for any website owner as this affords you full control of all content and also gives you access to thousands of free extensions to further enhance your site. Unfortunately, due to the complexities involved in both designing and developing these systems, a CMS site normally comes at significantly higher cost.

We have therefore developed a system that allows users to customise a theme of their own, thus removing the costly design process and allowing us to offer CMS websites a significantly reduced cost of £500 (almost half the price of a custom designed theme).

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For this price, you will receive a domain name of your choice ( together with one year's hosting and support. We will install the most recent version of the Joomla! Content Management System; input your website content (maximum 10 pages), customise the main menu, install a contact form plugin and apply your theme.

We appreciate this is slightly limited, therefore we will make minor design changes at no extra cost.